About Us

Why Us... Not Them?

We Offer the Highest Quality Care and the most Pet Sitting Options for you and your family...

Treat Pet Sitting is not a Kennel, nor do we operate like a corporate boarding facility.

We do NOT lock pups in kennels, nor do we lock them in fancy rooms built to look like home, but sure don’t feel like home.

Unlike other facilities, we don’t leave at the end of the day.  We are here cuddling and caring for your pups all night.  They are free to sleep with us in one of our comfy king size beds, on one of the many dog beds, on a couch, on the cool tile, wherever they want, they are free to choose.

Our pups are cared for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are free to roam, play, sleep wherever they want to!

If you select Day Play or Boarding services, our Treat Elite home is nestled on a 1/2 Acre of land that has mature Shade trees and beautiful landscaping that includes both natural and artificial grass.



In addition to Day Play and Boarding, we offer more options to better accommodate your family’s individual needs.  

    1. Do you need us to pick up your pup/s and take them back home at the end of their stay?  We do that!

    2. Do you have pup/s that are not comfortable with other pups, or a kitty at home that needs care while you are away?  We will come to you!

    3. Do you have a pup/s that would love a walk in the middle of the day while you are at work? We can take care of that too!

    4. Do you need someone to sit your pets as well as your home?  House Sitting may be the perfect option for you.


We are here working every day to make sure your family pets have fun, stay healthy, safe, happy and loved no matter which service you choose.


We have the most options available for your pet care needs! 

When you are Staying or Playing at our home Amenities include:

  1.  A limited number of Pets invited to stay at one time.  This is to ensure that everyone staying with us quickly becomes an extension of our family and will get tons of individual attention during their time with us.
  2. We keep a VERY clean environment both inside our home as well as outside.
  3. They get to play in a huge, fenced yard with lots of cool grass, a covered patio and shade under our beautiful shade trees. 
  4. We have lots of comfy dog beds, huge couches, and lots of toys to play with so your pup/s feel right at home.
  5. We keep water bowls full of clean, cold, filtered water at all times.
  6. We do not crate pups; we are not a kennel. They are free to play, sit, nap, or sleep wherever they like.  (If your pup prefers a crate, feel free to bring their crate from home.)
  7. We post pics and videos on Instagram so that you can see all of the fun they are having on their staycation. (Personal updates available upon request.)
  8. Your pups will receive daily healthy treats.  Feel free to bring treats from home or let us know if your pet has any allergies.  We always like to Treat our guests with something yummy.
  9. All services are customizable to meet your individual needs.  

Don’t put your pup/s in a warehouse, Bring them to our house!!

There Is No Place Like Home

If you prefer, we can come to you for House Sitting, Drop-in visits or walks, Amenities for these services include:

  1. Same awesome care that all of our services provide, plus…
  2. Allowing your pets to stay in the comfort of their own home.
  3. We offer 24 hour care when Pet Sitting in your home. (Other pet sitters offer only 8-10 hours of care.)
  4. Individual play time with only your pets
  5. Providing them with food and fresh water 
  6. Potty breaks and pet waste removal
  7. Clean Litter boxes for Kitties
  8. Pictures and Updates
  9. Pick up your mail, water pants, etc…
  10. Ability to customize services to meet your individual needs.

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